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What is Oatsmi.lk

Oatsmi.lk is not milk. It certainly is not dairy. What it is, is a plant-based beverage made from oats that's creamy, naturally sweet, and just happens to be white. You can drink it straight out of the box, make chai or coffee with it, dunk your cookies, or soak your oatmeal in it for all we care because it's delicious either way. As for our name, call us crazy, but we prefer to be addressed by our domain name which reads as "Oats-M-I-Dot-L-K." We were told that our brand name can't look, sound, or resemble the word "milk," and it doesn't. As far as the English language goes, a sentence ends at a dot, so you do the math. Oh, and why the .lk? Simply because our oats come from Sri Lanka and we are pretty proud to wear that on our sleeves!

What Makes Oatsmi.lk Special?